The Merrimack Cardinals require all of their athletes to be in good scholastic standing to play on the team.   Students are rewarded for their hard work at the end of the season and can apply for scholarships.

Merrimack Cardinals 2019 Scholastic Requirements:

All athletes must provide a copy of their report card from the previous season to verify their age, grade level in school and academic standing.

All athletes must have received a passing grade average (70%/2.0) for the school year ending prior to the start of the season.

Based on the report card, if your athlete's grades qualify him/her for a scholastic award, you will receive a form to complete in the fall that will be submitted to the NHYFSC for a Scholastic Award and for scholarship consideration.

Scholastic Awards are presented at gold, silver and bronze levels

Gold - Overall average of 96% or higher

Silver - Overall average of 93% - 95%

Bronze - Overall average of 90% - 92%

AYF provided scholarships are presented to the athletes who excel in their academics and who volunteer.  At the 2018 reception, $24,000 in scholarships were awarded to 27 exceptional students.  To be considered for a scholarship you must:

Have an overall average of 96% or higher.

Have demonstrated community involvement and school involvement.